About Us

The idea behind our breakfast boards

As a father of two children, I am aware that school is not always easy...

A lot is demanded of the children and part of the lessons often take place at home. I believe that children learn most effectively when they are having fun. Compulsion and stubbornness are more likely to lead to outbursts of anger and tears rather than results. And it is precisely from this belief that the idea for our breakfast boards from Holzding came about.

Holzding combines playful learning with long-lasting, natural products from regional production. Through daily contact with the board during breakfast, numbers and calculation methods are better memorized. The different number series give the child a feeling for numbers instead of stupidly memorizing individual results. Learning - like breakfast - becomes a daily routine.

The integrated tape measure arouses curiosity and brings the application of numbers into “practice.” Slices of bread, pieces of cheese or other things can be measured in a playful way. By combining curiosity and a feeling for numbers in a natural product, we want to make the topic of “learning” easier and redefine it for children.

Ronny - founder of HOLZDING

Local production in Germany

When producing and packaging our breakfast boards, we rely on local production instead of mass production in a factory.

The boards are made in a German workshop for people with disabilities. Each employee contributes their personal strengths to production. This creates a natural product for children that is manufactured with great care. Every purchase contributes to the participation in working life of people with disabilities.

Due to the individual production, each product is unique.

100% natural product

As little as possible - as much as necessary. We do our best to keep the packaging content of the boards as low as possible. The board comes without a box or box, but simply shrink-wrapped in a thin film to protect it from dirt and scratches.

We only use untreated beech wood from German forests. No use of unnecessary paints or chemicals. Since wood is a natural product, it can happen that differences in color or grain can be seen on the board. This is completely normal and is proof that this is a natural product. Each product is unique.

The rows of numbers are permanently engraved on the boards. No toxic paints or varnishes are used.