“Mom, practicing math is boring and not fun.”

Are you familiar with that?

Or maybe you even felt the same way during your school days?

What if children could make learning math fun? If learning the small (or large) multiplication tables were a fun part of everyday life instead of causing frustration or anger?

That is exactly the goal and idea behind the clever learning boards from Holzding...

Holzding's learning boards combine playful learning with long-lasting, natural products from regional production. Through daily contact with the board during breakfast, numbers and calculation methods are better memorized. The different number series give the child a feeling for numbers instead of stupidly memorizing individual results. Learning - like breakfast - becomes a daily routine.

We believe that learning math can be fun if it is playful instead of being perceived as forcing. And our learning boards from Holzding are our contribution to making this possible for your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren.

Available in 3 versions - for small and large

The Holzding learning boards are available in 3 different versions. The smaller learning boards measuring 22 x 15 cm in the PLUS versions for learning addition and MAL for learning multiplication and small multiplication. Both versions of the small learning board show the number series from 1 to 10.

The new learning board XL measures 39 x 29 cm and has number rows from 1 to 20 for learning multiplication and multiplication. The XL learning board also comes with expanded functions and burned-in length and area representations.

Buy without risk - Our promise to you:

When producing our Holzding learning boards, we attach great importance to high quality. Lasering a single XL board alone takes up to 45 minutes. But we and the employees of our partner workshop who make the boards are only human and wood is a natural product...

If your learning board bends or even breaks during use, just send us a quick email and we will provide you with a replacement immediately. (Please note that the learning boards are not suitable for the dishwasher and pay attention to the care instructions included with your learning board)

And if you are not sure whether the learning board will be as well received by your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces as you imagined, then simply send the board back to us within 100 days and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

  • Regional production instead of mass production:

    Our learning boards are made in Brandenburg in a workshop for people with disabilities. Due to this regional production in a smaller workshop, it may be the case that individual versions of the learning board are temporarily sold out.

  • Learning math made easy - without any pressure:

    The rows of numbers can easily be moved along with your finger. In this way, children learn in a playful way how to add and multiply numbers and get a feel for which number combinations lead to which result. In the form of a breakfast board, children learn in a playful way and without pressure.

  • Made from untreated beech wood:

    Our learning boards are made from beech wood from German forests. We do not use any chemicals or other additives. The learning boards are a purely natural product (care instructions are included with the learning boards)

  • Easy care:

    Simple home remedies such as lemon juice, vinegar, salt or baking soda can help you clean, kill germs and remove odors from the learning board. If you rub the learning board with olive oil after use, the wood will stay beautiful and look like new.

  • Sustainably packaged:

    When it comes to our packaging, we follow the motto “as little as possible, as much as necessary.” Instead of foil and plastic, your learning board comes in environmentally friendly paper packaging, which adequately protects the learning board from dirt and damage during transport.

  • Fast delivery:

    After you order, your learning board will be at your home within 1-3 working days. Shipping within German is free. Due to high demand, the learning boards may be temporarily out of stock.

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